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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

The battery storage systems of today are not the batteries of old, they are not what you find in your electrical gadgets. They are modern sophisticated pieces of equipment.

It is the advancement in technology that allows todays lithium-ion batteries (which were developed by a British scientist) become a platform that couples the energy storage capacity of batteries with the intelligence needed to deliver advanced management of energy consumption. The technology allows batteries to take full advantage if a business has a change in its normal working practices. It allows energy storage in multiple ways. It reduces your CO2e, helping you towards your goals of net zero.

One of the main benefits of a battery storage system, is it allows you to draw energy from the grid at off peak times at reduced rates whilst your sleeping (store it) and re-use during peak times, saving your business money. You can operate it in conjunction with solar PV. You can capture the energy from your Solar PV system when you are not using it and store the energy in your batteries to use at a later date when demand is high. This means that you become less reliant on the grid and have greater energy independence.

Battery energy storage systems should no longer be considered as an afterthought or an add-on, but rather an important element of your energy strategy.


(BESS) use it as a standalone or integrate, you have a choice. Why not integrate it with Solar and EV’s within one Power Payment Agreement, which requires no capitol outlay.

Voltage Optimisation

Did you Know?

The official nominal voltage supply in the UK is 230 volts.

The average supply could be 242-245 volts across each of the 3 phases supplying your business.

Yet as much as 253 volts can be sent out across the National Grid.

Your machinery only requires 220 volts to operate efficiently.

Quite simply your machinery/appliances are being supplied with more electricity than is required to operate them, resulting in both energy and financial waste.

Voltage Optimisation utilises the advancement in transformer technology it is positioned before your electric meter and rejects the excess voltage back into the National Grid, by rejecting the surplus voltage you benefit.

Utilising the available technology enables you to manage on-site power flows and consumption effectively, efficiently and intelligently, making your electricity greener, cheaper and more reliable.

Voltage Optimisation can work as a standalone solution or harmoniously alongside Solar Panels, Battery Storage and Electrical Vehicle charging points (EV’S), helping reduce energy costs. There are packages available to assist with the installation of this technology, so your own capital can remain on your balance sheet should you wish.

Is voltage optimisation right for your business. The first step in utilising this technology is to understand your own usage of electricity. You already have an advanced electric meter that records your actual consumption in each half hour. By having your half hourly data analysed in detail by renewable energy providers, enables them to provide a desktop appraisal which calculates your energy savings and carbon reduction.

Use it as a standalone or integrate, you have a choice.

Benefits to the Business

EV Chargers

The future of transport is electric. Stay ahead of the curve with Electrical Vehicle Charging Points. Whether you want to provide your employees with EV charging options or cater to an eco-conscious clientele, advanced charging solutions seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure. As vehicles become more sustainable, ensure your business is prepared to support them. What defines a good EV charger, does the shape, colour and size define it correctly, probably not.

Well maybe just maybe a good charger is one that utilises solar and battery storage, enabling you to charge your vehicles more often than not through renewable energy as opposed to using the national grid, yes its greener and cheaper.

To confirm our assertion that shape ,colour and size does not particularly matter. A feasibility study is undertaken to see what type of chargers are right for your business, are they attached to the wall or do they stand upright. A report will be presented back to you in detail. The report will be aligned with your reports for solar and battery storage, so that all three methods will work harmoniously together. The methodology will utilise the free flowing electrons produced by your solar panels and stored in your batteries to charge up your vehicles when required.

A business can use its own capital to install EV’s of incorporate them under one Power Payment Agreement utilising Solar Panels and Battery Energy Storage Systems. You have a choice.

Solar Power Payment Agreements (PPA)

Solar panels will be installed on your rooftop at no cost to you, it’s your gateway to sustainable solar energy without the overheads. Experience significant energy savings through our unique agreements. Leasing your rooftop or part of it to a renewable energy provider gains you access to reduced energy bills. Your energy price will be fixed, increasing annually in line with the retail price index (RPI). The system will be monitored maintained on your behalf. It will be insured against storm damage, fire, theft and vandalism. Solar works in harmony with Battery Energy Storage systems, EV charges and Voltage Optimisation.

Visit the FAQ’s which should answer some of your initial questions.

Become Sustainable with Green Power

At Green Powered Solar, our mission is to pave the way for a more sustainable future, one business at a time. By offering a comprehensive suite of green energy solutions, from solar panels to battery storage and EV chargers, we provide you with the tools to reduce costs and positively impact our planet. Join in the green revolution with us and build a brighter future together.

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