Green Powered Solar

About us

Green Powered Solar

Our aim is to empower businesses to become more sustainable, enabling them to take greater control over their energy supply and energy consumption. Turn your rooftop into a ‘CASH COW’.

Leasing your rooftop to a renewable energy provider gains you access to a Power Payment Agreement (PPA). The PPA funds the entire installation of your commercial solar PV system, whilst you reap the benefits. This enables you to purchase a proportion of your electricity at a cheaper rate than from a traditional grid-connected supplier. Whilst at the same time reducing your CO2 equivalent. The (PPA) insures, monitors and maintains the system throughout its term.

Innovation, Professionalism, knowledge and experience are valuable assets in navigating life’s challenges and opportunities. We invite you to join us, to strive for a greener cleaner future, in ways that benefit us all today and the children and grandchildren of tomorrow. Recent events have changed the energy landscape, with a lasting impact. It’s time to re-set your energy goals and take greater control.

Our roots run deep within the sustainability ethos. With 15 years of dedication to the solar industry, we’ve transformed from qualified electricians to leading consultants for businesses seeking renewable energy solutions.


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between business aspirations and sustainable energy possibilities. We’re not just here to offer solar solutions but to support, inform, empower, and ensure that every enterprise, regardless of size, can make impactful environmental decisions while witnessing noticeable business benefits.

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Our Plan


Raise awareness of solutions like Power Payment Agreements, Battery Energy Storage Systems and Voltage Optimisation Systems, helping businesses understand the total benefits they bring.


Use our vast experience to tailor-make energy solutions, ensuring businesses save on costs and reduce their carbon footprint significantly. We choose our partners wisely, who’s ethics and principles align with ours, together all striving to achieve similar goals. We are collectively here to help.


Continually research and adopt the latest green technology, ensuring our clients are always ahead in the sustainable energy curve.

Talk to us

We believe in tailored solutions, personal interactions, and in-depth consultations. Whether you’re a business just starting your green journey or looking to enhance your sustainable practices, we’re here to guide, support, and innovate for you. Reach out, and let’s build a greener tomorrow together.