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Unlock sustainable energy solutions tailored for businesses. Convert your rooftop into a ‘cash cow’. Green Powered Solar Introduces companies to innovative Power Payment Agreements (PPA), ensuring optimal energy savings without initial capital outlay. Experience the future of clean energy, designed for companies keen on impactful CO2 reductions and enhanced efficiency.

About Us

Empowering Businesses
with Solar Energy

The up-front cost of installing solar panels may be prohibitive for some businesses, which prevents them from self-generating their own renewable energy.

Self-generation is not the only way to benefit from clean and affordable solar power. You can still go green and save money using a Power Payment Agreement (PPA).

Elevate your business operations with the sun’s power, and turn your rooftops into renewable energy cashcows.


Your business is analysed with precision. Experts evaluate your energy needs, ensuring your transition to solar aligns seamlessly with your operational demands.

Energy Savings

Witness a significant drop in energy bills. Harness the sun's power and transform it into tangible, monthly monetary savings for your enterprise.


Efficiency meets expertise. Trained technicians guarantee smooth and safe solar panel installations, optimising your rooftop's energy potential.

Shared Savings

Profit together from the sun. With unique Power Payment Agreements, enjoy the benefits of solar energy while sharing the savings journey with a trusted Renewable energy partner.

The 3 Amigos - Solar, Battery and EV Combined

A holistic approach to green energy. Combining solar panels, battery storage, and EV charging under one comprehensive (PPA) agreement maximises efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How it works

Unlocking Solar Energy with Power
Payment Agreements

Initial Consultation:

We begin with a detailed assessment to assess your energy requirements. We analyse your business's energy needs, potential savings, and compatibility for solar integration


A detailed report will be produced showing the size of the solar system to be installed, your electricity savings and the reduction in your carbon emissions.


A survey will be undertaken to check your rooftop Structure, suitability and capability.

Agreement Drafting

After understanding your needs, we draft a tailored Power Payment Agreement outlining the specifics of energy production, consumption, and shared savings.

Seamless Installation

A team of experts ensures a hassle-free installation process, converting your business premises into a green energy hub.

Immediate Energy Savings:

Once operational, witness a significant reduction in energy bills as you tap into the sun's abundant power.

Shared Benefits:

As stated in the PPA, your savings are shared with your renewable energy provider. This partnership not only makes solar energy accessible but also rewarding.

Sustainability Achievement

Reduce your carbon footprint, achieve considerable CO2 reductions, and position your business as a frontrunner in environmental responsibility.

With Green Powered Solar, the journey to sustainable energy is not just accessible; it’s good business sense.
Join us in pioneering a brighter, greener future.

Our Services

Tailored Solutions to Power Your Business

Solar PPA (Power Payment Agreements)

Your gateway to sustainable solar energy without the overheads. Experience significant energy savings without upfront costs while sharing benefits through our unique agreements.

Battery Storage:

Maximise your solar investment. Advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) store excess energy, ensuring you have power whenever needed by combining reliability and efficiency.

EV Charging Points:

Embrace the electric revolution with state-of-the-art Electrical Vehicle Charging Points, supporting businesses in their journey to a more sustainable transportation solution.

Voltage Optimisation

Efficiency redefined. Voltage Optimisation service refines your power supply, reducing waste and enhancing your energy consumption’s overall efficiency, leading to tangible cost savings.

At Green Powered Solar, we understand the unique energy needs of businesses. With our extensive experience and dedication to sustainability, we tailor solutions that power your operations and empower your business’s future.

A PPA is an arrangement where a renewable energy company funds the installation of solar panels on your business premises. Instead of paying upfront, you share the savings on your energy bills with the provider.
BESS allows you to store surplus solar energy produced during peak sunlight hours. This stored energy can be used during off-peak hours or when sunlight is minimal, ensuring consistent power supply and maximised savings. In winter months, it can draw energy from the grid at off-peak times to be used during peak hours, creating even more savings.
EV Charging Points are designed to be universally compatible with various electric vehicles. However, specific connectors and adapters might be required for certain models. You will be guided through the setup to ensure compatibility.
Voltage Optimisation refines and stabilises the incoming power supply to your business, ensuring only the necessary voltage is used. This results in reduced energy wastage, prolonged appliance life, and noticeable savings on energy bills.


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We’re here to guide you every step of the way. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.